Fund A Child, Help A Child; Find A Future!

Give a gift of education to a needy child

Child Sponsorship can change the live of a needy child. $1 per day can provide: education, stationary, tiffin, clothes

Sponsoring a girl child has always been the major solution in empowering the girls in society and saving them from being trafficking to various parts of the globe.

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Who We Are

How We Work & On What We Focus

 Maya Education Initiatives works in the poorest region of Nepal. MEI gives children what every child deserves—a healthy start, the opportunity to grow through quality education. We save children’s lives and secure their future.

“We Believe Together We Can Change Our Children Lives”

Mrs. Sina Tanner
Mrs. Sina Tanner President

Stay informed on MEI's work saving and protecting children in the poorest parts of Nepal

Experience of Sponsor's

Sponsors who have been sponsoring MEI child since 2013

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Emergency in Need of Sponsorship

children who have been in the waiting list

Nutrition Coaching

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Cooking Resources

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Sports Nutrition

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Volunteer Experience

Volunteers who have worked in MEI’s different projects

david rechardson

David Richardson

Professional Photographer

A week in Thori "I try to sow a seed that might grow. Getting people to Support then help is the Next phase by Sponsoring a child" I was a volunteer in Nepal for MEI in 2018


A fourth night stays in MEI's Pawan Academy at Thori has been just a memorable moment in my life. Though I was there as a teacher's trainer I felt l was working with my friends and family. The training session had been a fantastic session and again I'm looking forward to visiting MEI.

volunteer in nepal

Kausaliya Sunwar

Montessori Trainner
volunteering in project

Kishor Ghimiray

Community Library Est. Project Co-ordinator

I was working as a coordinator in the MEI community library establishment project 2018. The six-month project was quite tough but we made it and was able to take students from 11 colleges of Kathmandu and finally collected almost 15000 books for the library

I want to be Volunteer, Can I get the Updates