Sponsor a child in Nepal- Sponsor a girl child in Nepal

Sponsoring a girl child in Nepal; one on one sponsorship project for orphans and most disadvantaged girl child in Kathmandu District and Parsa District, Nepal. MEI runs through the generosity of sponsors who have sponsored the children in need with a motto to Sponsor a Child in Nepal and save the life. It is founded and developed by a team who were also raised from the orphanage called NAG. Jotsna Tamang is the Founding Director, she is also international coordinator, Hira Lama is Director of Nepal and he runs, coordinates the project from center to local level and Govinda Bista is Regional Manager he looks after the project in the field and reports to the central office in Kathmandu, and Manjit Tamang is Dance and Skilled built Programme Manager, she is in charge of After School Programme. All the team has grown from orphanage so they know the life in the street and the needs of children in the orphanage. In their lifetime, they have been in the orphanage at least for one decayed and more. Every single day all the team had in mind that one day they should also run orphanage or schooling project so in somewhat and another way they could return back the credit they have got from their sponsors.

So, in 2011 Jyotsna Tamang Current Founding Director came back to Nepal from U.S.A. on her holidays. She visited back the NAG where she was brought up and got the education up to high school and also visited various places like old age, countryside like Mustang District and even went to meditation reason to go to meditation was that always she was missing something even though she was in the USA the land of every Nepalese dream; and in that phase of time she realized time has come to make her childhood dream come true.

She came back to home and talk to Hira Lama who was already engaged to a social field from Youth Unity Society at the same time Hira and Manjita were also running Nava Natya Academy, school of Dance and Music. From January 1st they decided to give the scholarship to the disadvantaged group in class up to 50 students and funds was provided by We Foundation, which was founded by these team.

Later onwards, 2013 Govinda Bista came back from Saudi Arabia to Nepal and he came to talk with Hira about forming School and urgent need of school at Thori, where there is no electricity even today. So the new team was set up with Govinda and Raj as We Foundation was named as MAYA EDUCATION INITIATIVES (MEI)

In 2014 Sina Tanner( who was also a volunteer at NAG which was also run by sponsoring a child in Nepal by swiss people before a decade back) visited Nepal’s one of the poorest region Thori,Parsa. In her visit, she also went to all of the MEI Scholar’s houses. After returning back to Switzerland from her visits she is taking the responsibility as Head of Europe Coordinator from MEI.

Currently, MEI is running free education schooling program by giving education, stationary, clothes, tiffin to 30 students in Parsa, Thori Bazar and 5 students in Kathmandu.

As for After School Program MEI is giving the scholarship to 35 students from the Nava Natya Academy, school of dance and music at jorpati, Kathmandu.

MEI project solely depends upon the sponsorship from the generous donors so everyone is encouraged to Sponsor a Child in Nepal, through our charity.

Volunteer in Nepal

“A week in Thore” Volunteer’s Experience with MEI while volunteering in nepal

Volunteer sharing his experience, “I try to sow a seed that might grow. Getting people to support then help is a Next phase by sponsoring a child”

I as a volunteer in Nepal for MEI. My week started by having my fingers crushed in the back door of a taxi. I then had to pay 1500rps. My journey to there, began by having a 12 hour over night journey in a coach. It was over land with un metaled road. The small village is isolated but self-contained… The population is static and stable ….with little or no businesses, that are growing or expanding. Little open religion and few temple sites.But most  seem happy. Very different  to the India that i know, where poverty strikes in the face.

I’m tempted to say Thore is peaceful/quiet., but I’m only speaking from my experience and gut feelings. Not on behalf of others. I state to all .I’m primarily a full-time photographer ,wanting to show ALL the realities of who we help and the community they live amongst.. My photographs promote only awareness. I try to sow a seed that might grow. Getting people to support then help is a next phase. that will come later But it can only start with an awareness that out of hundred children twenty are suffering from poverty in terms of Nepal. Therefore I ask ” my friends let’s share our love by sponsoring a child through the best charities like Maya Education Initiatives”



My reason for wanting to help Maya Education Initiatives, is that the founders both come from orphanage backgrounds… so literally can empathize with the client group they are helping.

I met Hira six months after earthquake in November Kathmandu

Maya are helping children who have lost or have little parental support. MEI are trying to establish a long-term safe future for them, giving hope in a new world.

I arrived with hopes, but few expectations. I asked for little, but was accommodated and all requests were listened to. Not many were interested in why I had come. But the Nepalese community seem to be reluctant to ask the new comer questions. As I was a guest of two Nepalese friends Hira  and Bima’ ,they were asked, rather than me.

If and when i return i will be greeted  as friend and more might be asked.I want to photograph specific situations and people

The volunteer must realize that we are a new ‘package’. So work has to be done by us or on our behalf, no one can imagine what we need or want for our lives to be useful. So that all benefit.

The community can learn from the volunteer, but more important, the reverse applies. We learn each day and take back new knowledge and skills

If we are serious we must develop that base.

I have few concerns about introducing any initiative, as long as input required by the village is small.Traditions,habits, cultures are fixed rather than mobile.

The vital part of all initiatives is they involve the village elders, so all can see and feel the benefits. Enthusiasm is the fuel to make things happen

When any individual has contact, it’s important that the message they take back is positive so generate more input.

Each new venture should be firm on reaching realistic targets and growing slowly but always keeping the foundation solid

my email address is dicky30rich@gmail.com   please contact me to ask specific information

David D. Richardson March 15th 2016  Jorpati Kathmandu Nepal

“Fund a child, Help a child; to find future”

If you want to volunteer in Nepal through Maya Education Initiatives, please visit http://mayaeducationinitiatives.org/volunteer-internship page. Either filled online form or download the form. After filling the  offline form please send to info@mayaeducationinitiatives.org

Traveling to Nepal | How to Travel Nepal ?

Traveling to Nepal | How to Travel Nepal?
Most of the travelers have a dream of traveling to Nepal once in their lifetime. So, as the many travel guide also quotes that “a man should see the 8 wonders in a lifetime- out of 8 Nepal is the one, where traveler should travel in their lifetime.

Where is Nepal or Nepal Map?
Nepal is located in the south-east Asian. Likewise, Nepal is located in between India and China; whereas Nepal is 12 times smaller than India and 22 times smaller than China. Nepal map lies 80 degrees 12′ east longitude and 26 degrees 22′ and 30 degrees 27′ north latitude. Nepal map

Nepal Travel Advisory says:

  • Nepal Travel -About Nepal
  • Nepal Travel Guide
  • How to travel Nepal
  • Nepal Travel Visa Click the link to visit Nepal online visa.
  • Best Time for traveling to Nepal

As Nepal travel advisory here is some hints you should know while traveling to Nepal, its cheaper in Nepal Tourism years. Still, Nepal is much cheaper to travel in comparison to other countries. Finally, Nepal government theme is ” travel to Nepal and leave the footprints and take the beautiful memories with visuals such as photos and videos”

Traveling to Nepal- Some Facts About Nepal,
Nepal is the home of majestic Mt. Everest, highest peak of the world and other remaining world’s tallest mountains like Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Lhotse Shar, Chouyu, Dhaulagiri 1 Manasulu also lies in Nepal. Nepal has fascinating factors as Mt. Everest is the tallest peak and Kali Gandaki (5,571) is the deepest gorge which both of these lies in Nepal. Nepal is a religiously rich in culture and tradition as Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religion in the country. Hindu’s greatest god Lord Shive had taken mokshya in the Himalayas of Nepal. Likewise, there is much myth about god and goddess in the famous places like Muktinath Temple, Pashupati temple. In the other hand, the father of peace Gautama Buddha was also born in Nepal’s Lumbini. So, world heritage sites like Boudha Stupa and Swayambu Nath stupa are the major places of Buddhism.

Nepal Travel guide
To make your travel more fruitful the most popular Nepal Tavel guide which all of the travelers loves are:
Trekking in Nepal- Many travelers travels to Nepal for trekking in Nepal’s Himalayan regions.
3 Most popular Trek in Nepal are:-

Everest Base Camp Trek:

Everest base camp trek route is the most popular trial among the trekkers and every year route receives almost 35000 trekkers in the route. This trek is approximately 12-13 days trek. Khumbu Valley and Kala Pathar is the most stunning spots which most of the travelers will view the purest form of natural habitats and scenic and panoramic view of authentic villages and beautiful monasteries.

Kala Pathar is known for the epic spot for viewing the panoramic view of the Everest in the close-up sites.

Annapurna Circuit Trek:

Annapurna Circuit Trek is known for the variety of scenery through the route as you begin from sub-tropical and through the beautiful rhododendron forest to alpine hills alike to Alpes of Europe. Finally semi-arid terrain. Phun Hill is also one of the best spots for a beautiful scenic view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri close up looks. Likewise, Thorungla Pass(5416m) is the highest point in the Annapurna circuit trek.

Best Time for traveling to Nepal
Nepal is broadly temperate, with four main seasons. When considering the best time for traveling to Nepal, it’s worth considering that the majority of visitors, who prioritizes mountain visibility, come in the autumn peak season (late Sept to late Nov), when the weather is clear and dry, and neither too cold in the high Himalayan nor too hot in the lower parts of Nepal. With the pollution and dust washed away by the monsoon rains, the mountains are at their most visible, this is the excellent time for trekking.

Winter (Dec & Jan) is mostly clear and stable. It doesn’t snow in Kathmandu, but morning time is around some time in minus degrees celcious– and in trekking areas, due to the fierce cold, most of the lodge are closed except very few with modern facilities like the heater and so on. This is an excellent time to visit the Terai, like go for Chitwan jungle safari, Koshi tapo sight views.

Spring (Feb to mid-April) is the second tourist season in Nepal, with its warmer weather and longer days. Rhododendrons are in bloom in the hills towards the end of this period, and as the Terai’s long grasses have been cut, spring is the best time to travel Nepal for viewing wildlife – despite the increasing heat.

The pre-monsoon (mid-April to early June) brings ever more stifling heat, afternoon clouds, rain showers – and more stomach upsets. In this season most of the travelers like to go for a trek in the high Himalayas. Trek high, where the temperatures are more tolerable.

PLaces and Cities to visit while traveling to Nepal for historical and beautiful scenery sight view
Kathmandu — Kathmandu city is the capital and cultural center of Nepal, with the world heritage site as Boudha Stupa, Swaymbha stupas, and Pashupatinath Temple
Bhaktapur —Bhaktapur is known for a well-preserved historical city, center of Nepali pottery making, with the world heritage sites like pachpana jhalay durbar, Naytapola, and Changunarayan temple.
Janakpur — a historical religious center of Hinduism and home to the 500-year old Janaki Temple. The wife of god ram and daughter of king janak, sita was also born in this place.
Namche Bazaar — A small hub for trekker with sherpa’s settlement located in the Solu Khumbu region.
Patan — Beautiful, historic Patan Durbar Square was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979
Pokhara —a hub for tourist with lake-side town fast becoming the destination of choice for travelers due to the scenery, adventure sports, dining, hotels & live music scene
Gorkha — Small town with the history of King Prithvi Narayan Shah the unifier of old Nepal. Gorkha is also synonyms to Bir Gorkhali (the brave Gorkhas) and the origination of current Nepal

Traveling to Nepal is fun and lifelong memories. For more details and help please feel free to mailto: hirahr27@gmail.com

Please check out video before traveling to Nepal for your information.



Blockade in Nepal

Blockade in Nepal, ” Ever sunset brings promise of a new dawn” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nepal is known to be the home of majestic Himalayas, birth place of Lord Buddha and overwhelming hospitality. There is an end to every suffering and dawn to every sunset, but when ?

Maya Education Initiatives (MEI) six year old scholar Yeusoda Tamang said she has not  been to school because school bus never came to pick her up. She thought the school bus left her. Little does she know her school bus has been in a line for fuel for last week. This is the story of many school in Nepal right now.

Blockade in Nepal  and Fuel Crisis

Nepal has been going through a political turmoil for over last two decades. The people waited for almost a decade for a new constitution. The world witness horrific devastating that affected millions of people. Just five months after the earthquake Nepalese people are still recovering from the damage caused by the natural disaster. Despite the pain, Nepalese welcomed and celebrated the new constitution they had been long waiting for in September 20, 2015. But who knew one day of celebration would bring months of suffering?


Nepal is a land locked country. It imports 100 percent of fuel and many more commodities from India. Right after a day of celebration of the new constitution, Nepalese people started facing fuel crisis. It has been said that India enforced the undeclared economic blockade. The detail politics behind the blockade in nepal is yet to be clear. But blockade has clearly added more agony in the lives of common people who are still trying to adjust to new life after the earthquake.


What’s now ?


It is been more than three months of blockade in Nepal. Millions of Nepalese lives has been affected by the blockade. Hospitals are running out of medical and drug supplies. Some nepalese families does not remember the last warm dinner they ate with their family. Students are out of school. The economy of the country has drastically taken a downturn. Business have started to close day by day. The food prices are soaring higher than ever before. Maya Education Initiatives (MEI) scholar Yeusoda‘s mother said she cannot afford to buy a bag of rice because it’s too expensive. Her families have not eaten a warm meal for over a month now.

Nepalese people are mostly optimistic-likes to make the best out of every bad situation. “we are getting better at it because there is no choice but to be hopeful and stay positive” said a 78 years old man resident of Kathmandu. We’ve faced blockade in Nepal twice before also from India so this time also we’ll survive ”that’s our hope”, at last he concluded.

Some of the clips of consequences of Nepal blockade and the current struggling of people for daily life glimpse are uploaded in our Instagram please check the link: https://www.instagram.com/mayaeducationinitiatives/ for details and for short video go to Maya Education Initiatives YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MayaEducation.

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