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From this year, Make your Birthday Special; With new beginning!

As our usual routine, we all make splendid expenses or over expenses in the name of our birthday party; as a human nature, it’s normal habitual of every mankind since we wanted to be special. This is our daily lifestyle but let’s see our life from the other side of aspect or corner lets assume that we have been born in third world countries where there is hunger every day and our family has a problem of a day today for a handful of meal. Nepal is also third world country and MEI works in the poorest regions of Nepal, most of the families are born in hillside or countryside works from morning to night in their field and some in landlord fields, just for a handful of Meal and I have to tell you the bitter facts that some of them have never got chance to see laptop or cell phones in their life.

You can make your Birthday Special by giving in the name of your birthday special gift as one-time donation, giving the gift of free education to a child or sponsor a project which is design to build up skills to the targeted groups. In this way,” You will teach them how to fish rather than just giving fish to a hungry man”. We commit you that you can change their generation backwardness or help them to flourish their god given potential by giving splendid gift of free education/ skill by sponsoring a child or project of your choice.
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  • IBAN: CH410900 0000 1548 0316 3
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  • MEI Nepal, Kirchstrasse 49, 8810 Horgen
  • Bei Vermerk bitte Art der Spende angeben ( z.B. Name des Kindes, einmal Spende, monatliche Patenschaft usw.)


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  • Maya Education Initiatives Bank SWIFT Code: NIBLNPKT
  • Bank Account Number: 02401030256360
  • Bank Name: Nepal Investment Bank Bank Address: Boudha Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

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