Blockade in Nepal

Blockade in Nepal

Blockade in Nepal, ” Ever sunset brings promise of a new dawn” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Nepal is known to be the home of majestic Himalayas, birth place of Lord Buddha and overwhelming hospitality. There is an end to every suffering and dawn to every sunset, but when ?

Maya Education Initiatives (MEI) six year old scholar Yeusoda Tamang said she has not  been to school because school bus never came to pick her up. She thought the school bus left her. Little does she know her school bus has been in a line for fuel for last week. This is the story of many school in Nepal right now.

Blockade in Nepal  and Fuel Crisis

Nepal has been going through a political turmoil for over last two decades. The people waited for almost a decade for a new constitution. The world witness horrific devastating that affected millions of people. Just five months after the earthquake Nepalese people are still recovering from the damage caused by the natural disaster. Despite the pain, Nepalese welcomed and celebrated the new constitution they had been long waiting for in September 20, 2015. But who knew one day of celebration would bring months of suffering?


Nepal is a land locked country. It imports 100 percent of fuel and many more commodities from India. Right after a day of celebration of the new constitution, Nepalese people started facing fuel crisis. It has been said that India enforced the undeclared economic blockade. The detail politics behind the blockade in nepal is yet to be clear. But blockade has clearly added more agony in the lives of common people who are still trying to adjust to new life after the earthquake.


What’s now ?


It is been more than three months of blockade in Nepal. Millions of Nepalese lives has been affected by the blockade. Hospitals are running out of medical and drug supplies. Some nepalese families does not remember the last warm dinner they ate with their family. Students are out of school. The economy of the country has drastically taken a downturn. Business have started to close day by day. The food prices are soaring higher than ever before. Maya Education Initiatives (MEI) scholar Yeusoda‘s mother said she cannot afford to buy a bag of rice because it’s too expensive. Her families have not eaten a warm meal for over a month now.

Nepalese people are mostly optimistic-likes to make the best out of every bad situation. “we are getting better at it because there is no choice but to be hopeful and stay positive” said a 78 years old man resident of Kathmandu. We’ve faced blockade in Nepal twice before also from India so this time also we’ll survive ”that’s our hope”, at last he concluded.

Some of the clips of consequences of Nepal blockade and the current struggling of people for daily life glimpse are uploaded in our Instagram please check the link: for details and for short video go to Maya Education Initiatives YouTube Channel:

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