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Volunteer in Nepal | Volunteering Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal


Volunteer in Nepal means you will be working /helping people or any best charity organization around Nepal. So, this is the answer to your question as “What is volunteering…?” Now you might have another question as,” Why Volunteer in Nepal or the best charity like Maya Education Initiatives (Orphanage)?” MEI is the one of the best charity of Nepal, which is currently working in the poorest region of Nepal, calledThori, Parsa; MEI has a contact office in Kathmandu, Nepal for your comfort and reaching to our office. Volunteering in Nepal will be one of the best decisions that you have made in your lifetime. Since, Nepal is a country with full of panoramic views of Alps, mountains and safari in national parks like in Chitwan national park, Rara National Park and, on the other hand, Nepal’s topography is diverse from world’s lowest gorge as Gandaki Gorge to the world’s highest mountain as Mt. Everest. Nepal has got 8 world heritage sites and is diverse in culture, tradition varies on the based on ethnicity and locality. Likewise, if you are planning for a volunteer vacation, volunteer holidays, summer volunteer programs or volunteer abroad then, Volunteering in Nepal could be your answer to your queries.

When you have come to the decision to volunteer in Nepal then you might get into dilemma or confusion to decide on which best charity organization, Nepal orphanage, volunteer in the monastery and so many options you will get. So, in order to clarify your confusion, Maya Education Initiatives suggest you; first, be prepared on which field or sector you are interested and love doing or working on.  Like as:

Charity volunteer work,

Medical volunteer Nepal,

Summer volunteer programs,

Gap year volunteer programs,

Teach English in Nepali society or you might be specialized in some other sectors also so for that you could contact MEI administration; only after you have made a decision to volunteer in Nepal.

Maya Education Initiatives runs different projects according to the times of essence for more details, Please, visit our

 MEI gives a word to make your time useful, valuable and once a lifetime experience while you are here as one of the initiatives in a role of a "Volunteer in Nepal"

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