Sponsor a child in Nepal- Sponsor a girl child in Nepal

Sponsoring a girl child in Nepal; one on one sponsorship project for orphans and most disadvantaged girl child in Kathmandu District and Parsa District, Nepal. MEI runs through the generosity of sponsors who have sponsored the children in need with a motto to Sponsor a Child in Nepal and save the life. It is founded and developed by a team who were also raised from the orphanage called NAG. Jotsna Tamang is the Founding Director, she is also international coordinator, Hira Lama is Director of Nepal and he runs, coordinates the project from center to local level and Govinda Bista is Regional Manager he looks after the project in the field and reports to the central office in Kathmandu, and Manjit Tamang is Dance and Skilled built Programme Manager, she is in charge of After School Programme. All the team has grown from orphanage so they know the life in the street and the needs of children in the orphanage. In their lifetime, they have been in the orphanage at least for one decayed and more. Every single day all the team had in mind that one day they should also run orphanage or schooling project so in somewhat and another way they could return back the credit they have got from their sponsors.

So, in 2011 Jyotsna Tamang Current Founding Director came back to Nepal from U.S.A. on her holidays. She visited back the NAG where she was brought up and got the education up to high school and also visited various places like old age, countryside like Mustang District and even went to meditation reason to go to meditation was that always she was missing something even though she was in the USA the land of every Nepalese dream; and in that phase of time she realized time has come to make her childhood dream come true.

She came back to home and talk to Hira Lama who was already engaged to a social field from Youth Unity Society at the same time Hira and Manjita were also running Nava Natya Academy, school of Dance and Music. From January 1st they decided to give the scholarship to the disadvantaged group in class up to 50 students and funds was provided by We Foundation, which was founded by these team.

Later onwards, 2013 Govinda Bista came back from Saudi Arabia to Nepal and he came to talk with Hira about forming School and urgent need of school at Thori, where there is no electricity even today. So the new team was set up with Govinda and Raj as We Foundation was named as MAYA EDUCATION INITIATIVES (MEI)

In 2014 Sina Tanner( who was also a volunteer at NAG which was also run by sponsoring a child in Nepal by swiss people before a decade back) visited Nepal’s one of the poorest region Thori,Parsa. In her visit, she also went to all of the MEI Scholar’s houses. After returning back to Switzerland from her visits she is taking the responsibility as Head of Europe Coordinator from MEI.

Currently, MEI is running free education schooling program by giving education, stationary, clothes, tiffin to 30 students in Parsa, Thori Bazar and 5 students in Kathmandu.

As for After School Program MEI is giving the scholarship to 35 students from the Nava Natya Academy, school of dance and music at jorpati, Kathmandu.

MEI project solely depends upon the sponsorship from the generous donors so everyone is encouraged to Sponsor a Child in Nepal, through our charity.

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