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“A week in Thore” Volunteer’s Experience with MEI while volunteering in nepal

Volunteer sharing his experience, “I try to sow a seed that might grow. Getting people to support then help is a Next phase by sponsoring a child”

I as a volunteer in Nepal for MEI. My week started by having my fingers crushed in the back door of a taxi. I then had to pay 1500rps. My journey to there, began by having a 12 hour over night journey in a coach. It was over land with un metaled road. The small village is isolated but self-contained… The population is static and stable ….with little or no businesses, that are growing or expanding. Little open religion and few temple sites.But most  seem happy. Very different  to the India that i know, where poverty strikes in the face.

I’m tempted to say Thore is peaceful/quiet., but I’m only speaking from my experience and gut feelings. Not on behalf of others. I state to all .I’m primarily a full-time photographer ,wanting to show ALL the realities of who we help and the community they live amongst.. My photographs promote only awareness. I try to sow a seed that might grow. Getting people to support then help is a next phase. that will come later But it can only start with an awareness that out of hundred children twenty are suffering from poverty in terms of Nepal. Therefore I ask ” my friends let’s share our love by sponsoring a child through the best charities like Maya Education Initiatives”



My reason for wanting to help Maya Education Initiatives, is that the founders both come from orphanage backgrounds… so literally can empathize with the client group they are helping.

I met Hira six months after earthquake in November Kathmandu

Maya are helping children who have lost or have little parental support. MEI are trying to establish a long-term safe future for them, giving hope in a new world.

I arrived with hopes, but few expectations. I asked for little, but was accommodated and all requests were listened to. Not many were interested in why I had come. But the Nepalese community seem to be reluctant to ask the new comer questions. As I was a guest of two Nepalese friends Hira  and Bima’ ,they were asked, rather than me.

If and when i return i will be greeted  as friend and more might be asked.I want to photograph specific situations and people

The volunteer must realize that we are a new ‘package’. So work has to be done by us or on our behalf, no one can imagine what we need or want for our lives to be useful. So that all benefit.

The community can learn from the volunteer, but more important, the reverse applies. We learn each day and take back new knowledge and skills

If we are serious we must develop that base.

I have few concerns about introducing any initiative, as long as input required by the village is small.Traditions,habits, cultures are fixed rather than mobile.

The vital part of all initiatives is they involve the village elders, so all can see and feel the benefits. Enthusiasm is the fuel to make things happen

When any individual has contact, it’s important that the message they take back is positive so generate more input.

Each new venture should be firm on reaching realistic targets and growing slowly but always keeping the foundation solid

my email address is dicky30rich@gmail.com   please contact me to ask specific information

David D. Richardson March 15th 2016  Jorpati Kathmandu Nepal

“Fund a child, Help a child; to find future”

If you want to volunteer in Nepal through Maya Education Initiatives, please visit http://mayaeducationinitiatives.org/volunteer-internship page. Either filled online form or download the form. After filling the  offline form please send to info@mayaeducationinitiatives.org

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