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Internship Report Submitted by Internee of Community Library Establishment Campaign 2017

Texas International College

Chabehil, Mitra Park, Kathmandu

Report : Community Library Establishment Project 2017

Submitted To: Maya Initiative Education

Submitted By: Texas International College

Introduction: Maya Education Initiative (MEI) : Which is established in January 1, 2010 which is non- government and non- profit organization. MEI is the project for the free or gratis education in remote part of Nepal. It focuses on quality education for poor, marginalizes, and deprived people especially orphanages children of very remote area. It work with the motto of “FUND a child to FIND a FUTURE “. Which is almost backward in education sector and don’t have enough reading materials. Especially this organization mission is to provide children, kids basic necessities mostly in the education sector. MEI save children’s life and secure their future and give children better, healthy and bright future. As well as they also have provided adult education, vocational training for the people of the remote area.MEI have brought some positive changes in the life of people exist in remote part of Nepal. Now recently MEI bought Community Library Establishment Project 2017 and have established community library in Thori VDC of Parsa district from where Thori people, individual, community, group can get some more knowledge and increase their learning power

Introduction: Community Library  Establishment 2017: Community library establishment is established with the collaboration of Maya Education Initiative (MEI) With the enhance of MEI, Community Library is established in Parsa district of Thori VDC ,very remote area. People of Thori were facing very critical situation in the education sector as well as in other sectors main reason is poverty so the majority of the people were uneducated even they haven’t  experience going school as well as don’t have enough reading materials to go school. To bring positive changes in education sector MEI bring Community library establishment project where people can get chances to read different types of books from that library according to their wish which helps to increase their knowledge skill. Red-Cross has provided one building to enhance the library.

Mission and objectives of Community Library 2017

  • Community Library gives children as well as people an opportunity to build and enhance their knowledge skill.
  • Provide significant books as needed.
  • Provide guidance and aid to the people in their use of the library’s resources.
  • Promote resources for independent and formal learning.
  • Provide basic education to the illiterate section of the community.
  • Maximize a develop the knowledge skill of local people and children.
  • To provide the opportunity for continuous self-education of children, young people, and adults
  • To provide an opportunity for a more advantageous use of leisure time through books materials and other art forms and formats…
  • Providing sources of information necessary for faculty members, students, and workers, as well as local community.
  • Borrowing library materials to beneficiaries and provide places for reading.

How we join MEI?

  • On Magh 10th  MEI executive director Hira Lama and co-ordinate Kishwor Ghimire came in our college.
  • They present their presentation about library establishment for marginalized people exist in Thori VDC.
  • They make familiars about their goal, objective, aims for library establishment.
  • After their presentation they appeal our helping hands for library establishment only they need 5,6 student for an internship in their organization.
  • 6 students were selected.
  • We got golden opportunities to deposit our helping hand.
  • We were excited to join and work with MEI.

Our activities carried out for library establishment

  • 1st week In 1st week MEI asked us to do some important workshop which is very much essential for library establishment.
  • Workshop is about:
    • How to present presentation,
    • How to build confident, self- actualization, etc.
    • How to face mass, how interact with mass.
    • How to deal with people, how to convinces people.
    • How to contribute books etc.
  • A workshop is done to develop our personal development and develop our confident level.
  • We discuss of role and important of teamwork.
  • We also did some creative work and gave a presentation about “Role of Youth in Agriculture Sector’’ and “Important of library” and we individually present our presentation according to that presentation who gave the best presentation he/she will be a leader of the team to direct and guide a team.
  • The leader is selected.
  • Individually we form our work division,
  • Not only leader individually we all shave to hold our own responsibilities and duties.

In this way, our 1st week ended. We got a chance to learn and gain much more knowledge. We had done many significant workshops for library establishment.

Experience: In the 1st week we have very good quality experience because from a workshop we got a chance to learn more things. We develop my personal skill. At 1st we were very shy types of student and we can’t put our opinions in front of mass due to hesitation and scare but from a workshop, we slowly build my confident level, develop myself –actualization and self-determination. The workshop helps to develop us to develop our potential skill. Now we can face the mass and able to put our opinions.

2nd week

  • We form group discusses, in 1st step we made a decision to throughout notice for all the student of our college.
  • Notice is about the donation of books for marginal people of Thori DVC, Parse.
  • Almost we prepared 80 to 85 notices and distributed to the entire student.
  • After 2days we separate our group in 3 parts for presenting a presentation, to remind about notice which was provided already to the student.
  • We presented our presentation in all class according to that given notice.
  • It’s easy to give a presentation because students were already well-known about the notice.
  • In whole class from +2 levels to bachelor level of all faculties, we presented our presentation.
  • We got a positive response through student they assure us that they will help us by donating books.
  • Within 1 week we were the success to contribute almost 25, 26 books through that notice.
  • That contributed books inspire us more, we got more energy, we discuss to take next another better action for further enlargement.
  •  Our sir also motivates us that we are doing such a great job.

In this way, our 1st weekends.

Experience: In a 2nd week we prepare a notice which we have not done before. When our notice is ready we show that notice to our sir and he appreciate us and said notice is perfect so distribute to the entire student so we did. Through that notice, we present our presentation. At first, I became scared to present presentation because that is my 1st presentation which we have never done before but we build up our confident level and everything became fine so we all feel good. And we believe ourselves that we can face the mass. 2nd week plays a vital role in the development of our confident level.In a 2nd week we all have the great experience.

3rd week

  • We went in organization MEI which is located in Narayatar, Jorpati it took 1 and a half hour to reach there and with the co-ordination of MEI we discuss 1st and 2nd weekend what we did.
  • After the success of 1st week for the further success, we decide to create handicraft things from chat paper by using our creative mind.
  • They provided us some more chat paper, colors, pencils, erasers etc to create handicraft things.
  • We create almost 6-7 handicraft Notice.
  • And we attach that handicraft object in our college notice board so that every student can notice that.Our aim is to attract student to our project so that they will provide us books.
  • From this work, everyone gave us encouragement and motivational types of compliment.
  • Through this work, we were a success to collect almost 50 over books.

4th week

  • After the success of 2nd and 3rd week, we start to run a 4th week.
  • We discuss to present  our presentation in seminar hall by attending all class CR / class captain
  • We request all the CR to appear in seminar hall.
  • We gave 20 minute presentation and request CR to contribute books from their class.
  • With the help of CR we collected almost 100 books.
  • Day to day we update with CR.
  • In this way we complete our 4th weekend also.

5th week

  • On the 5th week we took the appointment of our respected and honored Sir Hira Lama executive of MEI  and Isha Rana Mam ordinator of MEI to discussion about further strategic plan.
  • Executive director Hira sir gave us some encouragement and motivational speech, we were inspired by him.
  • He shares some idea and plan which is very much significant for us.
  • To contribute more books he gave idea to create our face book page, according to him we create face book page.
  • Every day we update our FaceBook page with our daily routine, activities done for library establishment.
  • Through that FaceBook page we found that some more people were interested to donate books.
  • Some more people donate some books.
  • FaceBook page also helps us to collect some more books.
  • Our 5th weekend completed.

6th week

  • In 6th week we were requested to be in MEI so we all went MEI.
  • There we have to face media with Gokarna News.
  • At first Isha mam and Hira sir taught us about how to face media, how to give answer, what types of question will be ask, how to build confident?
  • After that we individually face and interact with media.
  • It’s our first time to face media so we were very much fearful.
  • But at last we all have done fine work.
  • In this way our last week also end.

internship students on media

What we learn and gain:

  • How to work in team?
  • Important of team work?
  • Team always should be ready to face any kind of critical situation.
  • If group is there then any kinds of complicated, complex, difficult work can be easily possible.
  • Team work has strong and powerful strength.
  • Co-ordination should sustain in team work.
  • How to convince people, how to deal with people, how to interact people.
  • Everyone should have well-known about their Duties and responsibility.
  • Shouldn’t run from troubles, problems, difficulties we should face them strongly and confidently.
  • Harding working is best result of success.
  • How to develop our personal development, self –sufficient, self –actualization .
  • Team work is much better than one-head men.

taxes intership students at maya education initiatives

Experience: WE have very good quality experience. This experience plays a very fundamental, imperative, vital and significant role in our upcoming future. We feel lucky our it’s our good fortunate that we get golden opportunities to work with such a great organization  .This types of organization is have significant function and role for social wok studies which is one of the most important plus point for BASW student. This Plus point value alots.During our internship we did lots of significant workshop. The best part during internship is our workshop. As of workshop we got chance to learn and know many more things. Workshop develops our personal development, increase our abilities power, develop self –actualization and self determination etc .Workshop also helps to develop our potential skill. In 1st stage we were unable to face and interact with mass. In mass u lose our confident level due to hesitation and scare but when we did workshop our gradually our confident level increase and we are able to face mass. In MEI we intern almost 3month so it’s our working experience also and plus point for our career development. Now a day without working experience no job, so to search  better job, opportunities this internship of  MEI help us.

We were very much Thank full and pleased to MEI for giving us such superb golden opportunities.  We feel proud to work with MEI even for certain period of time. It’s our best greatest journey ever working with MEI. So we appreciate you MEI.

Submitted By:

Nir Maya Ghale

Sarita Ghale

Nisha Adhikari

Bijay Bal Tamang

Prakiti Ghising

Susan Thapa

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