Build a School, Give the Gift of Education!

Build a School, Give the Gift of Education!

Build a School, Give the Gift of Education!

Maya Education Initiatives works in the poorest region of Nepal. MEI gives children what every child deserves—a healthy start, the opportunity to grow through quality education. MEI is a non-profit organization that runs a free education project for the orphans, is located at Thori, Village, in Parsa District of Nepal. It is located at 83.7 km away from Kathmandu, in a beautiful small village in the border of Nepal


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What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Currently, 120 students are studying at Emmanuel English Boarding School at Thori, village. But, unfortunately, the school management decided to sell the school to a new party and the new management of the boarding school is relocating Emmanuel School in another village called Swarnapur. So, for that location, it takes almost 3 hours of walk to reach the school which is impossible for all the kids and along with 35 scholars of MEI. Now, all the local parents of 100 kids, and we as guardians of MEI children are facing a great problem to educate our children from a good boarding school.

How will this project help to solve the problem?

This project will guarantee the safety of school children and teachers and improve the learning environment and curriculum implementation, which directly leads to an improvement in the children’s learning outcome and development. The school will have appropriate rooms for classes, offices, toilets, and library.


Fortunately, in 2016 the locals have donated 1690 sq. a meter of land for the MEI School building project. “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention ”

In 1690 sq. a meter of area 15-rooms can build as for the use of classrooms, principal room, staff room, dining room, IT room, library. School is going to be built in eco-friendly and the classroom will be prepared in stimulating classroom environment base on the resources available at the local level.

School Building 3D Design:

School building project in nepal

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Good News!!!

– MEI has already collected 5000 books (equivalent to $15000) from Kathmandu valley with the help of 12 college students and those books will be kept in community library which will be operated by MEI and our children and teachers will also use the same library for any reference books and materials.

– MEI’s president and Europe coordinator Mrs. Sina Tanner have already collected the donation of $3000 from the generous donors.

– While Building the school 10 youths have committed to work voluntarily for 7 days in the construction site.

– In the local level, MEI will be getting 30% off from forest management while purchasing the wood for the school building use.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Let’s build a school for orphans and poor children in the remote village.

MEI is an organization run by the people who were brought up from an orphanage and a volunteer (Sina Tanner) who was once a volunteer at NAG, a home for homeless ones (a non-profit organization) run by Swiss and French people. So, all team members of MEI has a clearly know the importance of education in children’s lives and who have once experienced, grown up with the help of sponsors in their childhood.

All the board members are working voluntarily for the organization since 2013. Now, MEI has been able to send 35 children to school. Due to the Emmanuel school, the reallocation problem team is working out to build a new school on the land donated by locals to build a school.


The estimated cost for a room building (approx) with all building materials: steels, cement block, stone, cement, sand, metal rod, wood frames, and windows are per room $2000 (1,987.88 CHF) and for the 15 rooms $30000 =(29,819.38 CHF)

In the total fund’s MEI has already got the donation of $3000 (2,981.82 CHF), so we are in need of $27000 (26,836.41 CHF)

1 CHF = 1.00606 USD

1 USD = 0.993979 CHF

“Charity gives by justice changes; let’s give education for a change of justice.” Let’s build the foundation for children to be the hope of tomorrow, FUTURE IS BRIGHT; Join us to be the part of life-changing Initiatives.

Plans and strategies to collect the funds for the school.

Running a fundraising campaign in gofundme websites –

Liberating all our team-mates network to get the funds for the school

Running affiliate marketing campaign in various social media platforms by recruiting the volunteers as follows

Facebook content manager, Instagram content manager, Twitter content manager, Pinterest content manager, and Email marketing manager.

Thanks giving and our gratitude to donors will be performed in the following ways;

Likewise, donors who will be kept in the inscription of the metal plate on the walls of every classroom. And, donors donating more than $300 their photo with short bio will be kept on the walls

Donors can also name the classroom after their name or sure name or after their beloved one’s name but have to donate $2000 to build a fully furnished classroom.

For the involvement of local pupil, 20% of the total cost i.e. $6000 will be raised from the local level i.e. Thori Village. The people donating the amount will be kept in the school management committee.

On the field, on the first phase of work MEI has cleared the ground for the school building and school compound


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