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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact in Children

The pandemic has hit each and everyone in the world and has collapsed the regular day to day life routine of many people around the globe. It’s same here in Nepal too the 80 days of lockdown has passed and now the government is starting to lose the lockdown and people have started to coming back to their regular routine though the positive cases are escalating every day.
The lockdown in Nepal started on the 23rd of March and was continued till June 14th. With the second conformed case on 23rd, the government decided to go for the more than 3 months total lockdown throughout the country, and now the cases have reached more than 5 thousand positive cases and 18 death but the partial lockdown is in operation throughout the country.
In the beginning, people were acting very strangely with the COVID-19 but now it seems everyone has digested the new pandemic and have come to understand the desire so everyone has made a choice to start a normal life again here in Nepal. The partial; lockdown will be effective until the next notice comes from the government.

The services and business which are listed as important for the daily life of people are only in operation such as flooding, health, and so on. The education institution is not yet confirmed when it will operate as its very hard to keep the kids in social distance. Some of the schools in the capital and urban cities have started online classes. A survey taken by one of the non-profit in recent days about the online classes taken by the school is not the best way to run the regular class. More than 60% of the student s are absent in the class and students don’t give proper attention to the curriculum. As for us its kind of daydream to start the online classes as in the village people don’t know how to use the internet properly and more than 90% of people don’t have access to the internet except for the teenager in social media.

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact in Children

For the moment the school likes in the village it’s better to wait for the government to call to start the session.
As Mei kids of Kathmandu are taking online classes and have started the class already here in Kathmandu. MEI children in thori don’t have access to school till now, they are on their homes and taking the normal days. The good thing is that COVID-19 cases have not yet appeared at Thori till now. So the people in the village are on farming as this is the season of farming here in Nepal and some of our children are also helping their parents and their relatives.

We hope to start the new session very soon with lots of hopes and inspiration in our own MEI school till class five from this year. Like to thank all our sponsors, supporters, and well wishes for being with us in this pandemic situation too. And the MEI team prays for your good health and we wish you good health. Good health is the biggest wealth of mankind.

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