Hira Lama

Hira Lal Tamang(Hira Lama) is one of the founding member of Maya Education Initiatives(MEI). Currently working as acting director and administrative head in MEI.
Hira Lama was born in the remote village of eastern part of Nepal, Bhojpur District in 1988. In 1993 Hira’s family was moved in the capital city of Nepal. In the early first years, his families suffered a lot from the poverty and just to get education. Hira’s grandmother sent him at landlord house as housemaid but could not get proper education so after a year he was brought back to home. In the same year his grandmother came to know about NAG known as home for street children. From NAG only Hira got his education upto high school. Personally, Hira said “I like to thank my grandmother who always showed me the way to get education and at NAG I’m always thankful to Dr. Frederice Perrier, Nicole Which ( Thakuri) and my sponsor from France Mr. Raphael Thomas also thanks for believing and supporting our dream of mission as free education to all – to our Miss Sina Tanner of Switzerland who was also met in NAG in our childhood”.

While leaving NAG Hira had determined himself one day and sometime I will also run school like NAG so that our gift of free education will be transfer to next generation and needy ones.
After high school Hira got admitted in government college for Bachelor degree, from T. U. Hira got Bachelor degree in social science and in that time period only he was closely attached with the politics and social activities but later Hira was more attracted by social work.
From 2010 Hira started to get involve in social sectors and had got chance to work as general secretary from Youth Unity Society. In the same year YUS was able to help Rs. 3 Lakhs to Mr. Sujan Upretty, 7 years kid who was suffering from Bone Marrow diseases. In 2011 Hira and Manjita established Nava Natya Academy, from NNA Hira and his team organized many social events as blood donation, awareness in women empowerment and also able to help Mrs. Belly Maya Tamang Rs. 2 Lakhs who was the patience of both the kidney failure. NNA hand over the donation amount to Mrs. Belly Maya Tamang in behalf of Late His Ownerable Culture and Tourism Minister Mr. Posta Bhadur Bokatee.
Hira Lal has been working very actively as a founding member of MEI since 2011. “I, Myself and MEI Team is always grateful and heartily thankful to our supporters, sponsors, initiatives for giving the GIFT OF FREE EDUCATION to MEI kids.”

Govinda Bista

I am Govinda Bista. I am local of Thori Parsa Nepal. I am the first generation in my family to go to school. I have three sisters and three brothers, I am the youngest among my brother. Being born in a poor family it was really hard for my parents to send me to school. Due to the poor condition of my family, one night my brother decided to leave my parents home. We did not know where he was for next ten years. After 10 years we found out that he was at Nawa Asha Griha (NAG). My brother brought me to NAG in 1994. I was in Nag for 10 years where I got my higher education. Then after I went to Middle East country to work. I was there for 6 years. It was in this time period I realize I have to do something for my country especially my hometown Thori, Parsa. My family lost everything during the devastating flood in 1990. I was fortunate to get education for NAG but still there are many families suffering from the flood. MEI team has been able to help most of the children of those families with free education.

After returning from Middle East, along with MEI team my vision came true. In July 2014, we started a project to help the children in Thori Parsa. I work as a President of MEI team. I reside in the community visiting the children, analyzing them and community with the help of MEI. I have seen the first hand progress in Thori, Parsa just in a year. Family are much more stable after getting support from MEI. Thori community have come together as a community to work as a whole to improve their daily living in a sustainable manner.

It is pure joy and blessing for me to get a chance to work in my own community. I thank all the donors and my team for their support to make my dream come true.

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