25 MEI Scholars Started Going to School

With the beginning of 2015 new session from April MEI scholars reached to 25 in numbers. In this new session MEI seven new kids got opportunity to attend school as regular as in our calendar.

MEI Scholar on the way to school

Among seven of them the mother of Arpan Timilsina was the most happiest person in the world on that day since when our current president Mr. Govinda told her that her son is also selected she cried loudly in the meeting and that was the tears of happiness so thanks to our generous initiatives and sponsor ; nevertheless MEI team is highly motivated, energized with the sprite of our Europe coordinator Miss Sina Tanner since she has worked and given her out most effort so MEI was able to get seven new sponsors in short period of time. MEI team is very hopeful in getting more of support from our supporters, initiatives and sponsors in the falling days to come.

mei scholar at school