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Our Emergency Aid in Devastating Earthquake

It is been horrific experience to see the city once we cherish have broken down. Nepal is a third world developing country with very little help from a goverment. Most people are under poverty. Many people we know seem terrorized by seemingly endless series of aftershocks. Many women and Children under fear, chaos and cryin for help. The money raise will go towards helping people of Nepal. It will help them to give refuge to people who have lost their homes. It will provide with first aid, food, water and emergency help as needed.

As of right now we are focusing on most effected area of Nepal such as Sindhupalchok, Gorkha and other remote places where people are getting very little attention. 100 percent of your funds will go directly towards helping earthquake victims mostly women and children. MEI Team has successfully helped 8 remote villages. Among the 8 villages we helped FulpinDanda, Sindhupalchok was the worst with more than 90 percent homes and everything the locals own being destroyed. MEI next big project is to rebuild homes for this suffering victims. He want to rebuild 33 homes before monsoon (rainy) season washed away the village. Please find us in Facebook to know about our latest impact in Nepal. This page is organize by Maya Education Initiatives a non-profit organization in Nepal which has been providing underpriviledge children with free education, educational supplies, food, cloths and healcare for last three years in Thori, Parsa Nepal. As of right now we have 15 rescue team member in Nepal including registered nurses. Please visit www.mayaeducationinitiatives.org to know more about MEI. PLEASE HELP EVERY DOLLAR WILL MAKE A HUGE IMPACT FOR THE PEOPLE OF NEPAL AT THIS CHAOTIC AND DEVASTATING TIME. Namaste and Thank you !!



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