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Vocational | Skilled Built Up Trainings | Workshop

MEI is helping and giving sustainable life to over 1000 children and adolescents from the projects and through your support each year:
Schooling and vocational training project
Nepal is diverse country in topography and population. With its diversity it also has dark sides as; disadvantaged youth especially poor, living in lagging regions, female, Dalit, marginalized Janajatis, people with disability and single mother are the main targeted groups.

The main objective of this project (Vocational | Skilled Built Up Trainings | Workshop) is to expand the supply of skilled and employable labor by increasing access to quality training programs, and by strengthening the technical and vocational education and training in remote parts of Nepal. The project emphasizes in increasing access to technical education and vocational training (CTEVT) programs.
Currently, MEI is running projects with objectives or paradox to empower and strengthen the quality life of disadvantage gropus and single mother.

Current projects:

  • Tailoring and skilled built up
  • Beauty parlor and training program
  • Free English Language

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