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Sponsor a child today who is in need of support. MEI is one of the best child sponsorship organization to support a child with basic needs, health-care and quality education, most importantly sponsorship creates a lifelong friendship between a child and the sponsor. Sponsors can send and receive cards, emails, letters, photograph, and even visits the sponsored child. MEI sponsorship project is a free education project in rural Nepal and focuses on building a solid foundation for a child and community. child sponsorship programs are to help children and the community to escape the harsh reality of poverty. We believe every great impact is made from the joint small effort. Now give the gift of education to a single child but your initiatives will start to make a double impact in changing the life of a family,   community, country and globally as a whole.

Since 2013, MEI has successfully worked in child sponsorship project. Every since, has been able to eliminate social problems such as gender inequality, poverty, child labor, child exploitation, etc. Sponsorship has helped the villagers to realize the importance of education in their child’s life. Most importantly community has been able to balance their social, economic and psychological life in a sustainable manner. Click here to submit Sponsorship Form.

Donate one dollar per day and triple the impact on EDUCATION, FOOD, CLOTHS etc.


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