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Sponsor a Child in Nepal | One and one sponsorship gives a child to have excess to basic needs, health-care and quality education, most importantly sponsorship creates a lifelong friendship between a child and the adult through cards, emails, letters and even visits. MEI sponsorship project is a child focused and community- based project to help children and the community escape the harsh reality of poverty. Through sponsorship-sponsor provides an opportunity for a child to have a bright future and limitless possibility for his/her dream. Sponsorship not only helps a child but also helps reduce poverty in household, community, country and globally as a whole.

Since the start of, Sponsor a Child in Nepal | one and one sponsorship project MEI has seen- sponsorship has eliminated social problems such as gender inequality, poverty, child labor, child exploitation, etc. Sponsorship has helped the villagers to realize the important of education in a child’s life. Most importantly community has been able to balance their social, economical and psychological life in a sustainable manner. Click here to submit Sponsorship Form.
Dollar 1/per day provides child with HEALTH, EDUCATION, FOOD, etc.


According to UNICEF “More than a third of Nepal’s 12,6 million children-the foundation for tomorrow’s parents and leaders-live below the national poverty line. That is not all. Measured by the factors that constitute a child’s well being, an even larger proportion of Nepal children suffer from severe malnutrition (50% of children are short fro their age or stunted). Have inadequate access to schooling (10% of children do not attend school), and are deprived of at least one of the seven basic human needs (69%). Two in every five children experience severe deprivation of at least two basic human needs.” The most leading cause of child poverty are household size, ethnicity/caste, educational status of the household head and geographical region. After an extensive research- we have found out that children born in rural part of Nepal are more deprived of basic needs than in urban areas. Children from disadvantage ethnicity, indigenous tribe and Dalit are in poverty compare to other groups. The educational level of parents also plays a major role in children life. The children with uneducated parents, especially mothers mostly suffer from extreme poverty. Child poverty in Nepal has cause children to suffer from malnutrition, no excess to health coverage, educational and most families remains under the line of poverty due to children.

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