Sponsor a Girl Child

Sponsor a Girl Child

Sponsor a girl child! Why Help Girls Child?

Sponsor a girl child has been always the major solution to empowering the girls in our society as on the topic to “What can be the solutions? Awareness through Education!

                            Education – “the most powerful of weapons fighting the TRAFFICKING of girls in Nepal”

“Why and how girls are being trafficked from time to time, “The Questions has always been arising on my mind since the time I got to understand the meanings of life and with the difficulty in living.

‘It’s not that I didn’t want to go to school, but I never had enough money to buy books or a school uniform,’ Sarita said. ‘My parents think I work as a maid for some rich people in Kathmandu.’

Isn’t it the poverty, the main reason behind the girls trafficking?

Yes, Poverty is the reason which leads those pretty and innocent girls into the hell just to make them survive themselves in this so called beautiful world with their beautiful mind. And, Poverty puts you away from your schooling esp. girls who are considered as burden in the family (esp. in the Nepalese traditional culture) as people think that investing on their daughter is like pouring water on sand which goes on vain. This is due to the social norms and culture that we follow. As in rural areas girls are considered as “paraya dhan” (others property) and they don’t get the opportunity to get education.


“Ram Maya was 14 when she was picked up from Pokhara and taken to a camp in an unknown location where she was forced to live without food for three days. During this time, she was raped multiple times by more than a dozen men. She was then taken on a long journey across the border, with no visa checks, eventually winding up in Delhi. This was in 2014.”We thought it might be the end to the beating and poverty,’ she said. But the unwitting girls were unprepared for the true nature of the job: they are employed as sex workers in restaurants.

“I’m not for Sale. Just for your Gain”

“Free Girls, Let them Fly.”

How does this happen?

‘I ran away from home when I was 11,’ said Sharmila, due to various circumstances. She has been ‘entertaining’ male customers at a restaurant in Kathmandu for over a year now. Although the girls do not feature on the menu, sex is as available as food and drink. Their eyelids are covered in bright-pink dust and lined with kohl. Their trousers are thin and their frayed jackets stretch against chests that are just beginning to take shape. Their fingers and toes are swollen with sores from exposure to extreme cold, and their colorful nail polish is chipped.

Poor, indebted Nepalese parents see their daughters as a liability. If their poverty reaches a point where they can no longer feed their children, it’s tragic but common practice to sell a daughter for as little as $200 to a broker who will take her to India, where demand is supposedly high for house servants to wash dishes and clean toilets. For struggling families whose daughters don’t have a bright future in Nepal, this can sound like a reasonable choice. Their daughters will end up in households in India, presumably under the safeguard of the families they are sent to work for. But little do the parents know, or want to know, that they are actually giving their daughters away to become enslaved prostitutes. These girls are generally taken to cities far away, like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, where they do not speak the language and no one can understand them except for other abducted girls from Nepal. These are young children, with no recourse to defend them.

Girl traffickers lure the girls and their parents and relatives in many ways. The trafficked girls receive nothing but their owners receive income by using them. It is said that about 5000 girls are sold every year through different ways in Nepal. From rural areas, illiterate girls, who are suffering from poverty, are brought to cities by brokers on the pretext of good jobs. They are sold specially in various cities of India and forced to become a prostitute in a brothel and are not allowed to go outside. When such innocent young girls suffer from AIDS and other severe diseases, then they are sent back to their home empty handed. They are not accepted by their family and society. They are ignored and hated.

Nepalese Conditions

Nepal, a Himalayan country situated in South Asia, is one of the poor countries of the world. Major reason behind this is the political instability and undemocratic rule for long. Other crucial factors for being the country very poor are due to lack of awareness and access to quality education. As a result, people have superstitious beliefs, there is gender discrimination, and political leaders have decreased political vision.

Girl trafficking is a social crime and one of the serious problems of Nepal in which innocent and illiterate girls from rural areas are sold inside the country or overseas either for prostitution or for forced labor. Girls from the surrounding hills of the Kathmandu Valley and young mountain girls from Sindhulpalchok and Nuwakot were recruited as professional dancers, singers, and housemaids. Mainly young girls and women are trafficked for sexual exploitation in places such as cabin/dance restaurants, massage parlors, and other places within tourism sector.

Various factors are considered as the reason behind the trafficking. The main factors are

Cultural factors (Children who come from indigenous populations, minority groups, or lower castes are the most vulnerable.)
Economics Factors( due to the poverty)
And, at current situation Humanitarian crises is also considered as major factors (occur after April 2015 Nepal Earthquake, 2015 Nepal blockade and political instability).

It is always the most challenging task to prevent trafficking, as girls forcefully get into human trafficking by parents; especially for those who are facing financial difficulty. Though, Nobody have authorities to force their parents not to sell own children; however, by spreading information about help line to children, those victims may report to concerned center before their parents hand the children over to middle man or agents. Greediness is a human nature and due to many push factors, a decision of selling children would be made; therefore, awareness would be effective. Not only implementing activities in local level, but also dwelling in the local areas in order to define push factors and local needs would be necessary.

Promote Education – Sponsor a girl child in Nepal. MEI background and activities.

Thus, many girls have to face many kinds of exploitation. We need to help them in reintegrating into the society and solve the health problems. So, the real time has come now to help the Girl child especially those who are economically unsound. And, In order to ameliorate the issues of exploitation education is most necessary. For this, we need to provide free education facility so that a Girl can be able to stand for own selves or can raise their voice against the illegal activities.


I want to sponsor a girl child, Now!

“No one can do everything but everyone can do something and No one can own anyone “Take action now”. A Dollar can change a life of a needy girl child- cost of sponsoring a girl child.

Sponsor a girl child in Nepal and save the life! Now, the Christmas time is falling so you can also gift the gift of education to girls by sponsoring a needy child for Christmas.

-By Ms.Samjhana Burlakoti

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