7 MEI Scholars Learning Great Things in School

MEI has been able to put 7 poor children in school at Thoree, a small VDC located at Parsa District of the Narayani Zone. Thanks to the sponsors, these kids are now wearing new uniforms to school and carrying books and stationery required for their daily lessons. They seem to be enjoying school and are attending school on a daily basis. Rameela being thre smallest kid, only 2 years of age, can only attend 2 to 3 hours of schooling because of her age and cries a lot and her father has to come pick her up from his hut located 40 minutes away from the school, Thoree Academy.

The children attending school are:

  1. Bishal Ghumbu Tamang
  2. Anita Ghumbu Tamang
  3. Binita Ghumbu Tamang
  4. Rameela Thing
  5. Swastika Praja
  6. Bipana BK
  7. Puja Chepang

All these kids will be appearing in their first ever examinations in the month of November. We wish to share with you the successful results.

MEI's after-school programs and the continuous support from the sponsors and team MEI will see these children kiss success in the future.
Keep supporting, as we still need to help more than 100 children in Thoree and it is not possible without support from more generous hands in and outside Nepal.

Govinda Bista
Regional Manager-Parsa
Maya Education Initiatives
govinda@mayaeducationinitiatives.org OR info@mayaeducationinitiatives.org