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Review of sponsor a child in Nepal

Review of sponsor a child in Nepal’s success in 2015

MEI started one and one sponsorship projects in 2014 with the hope of providing children in poverty a bright future as a motto to sponsor a child in Nepal for education as to ensure that none of the children will be left behind from getting opportunity to attain school due to the poverty. We did not want any child to miss on their dreams because of poverty. Our goal was to put children in school who are left behind due to poverty, caste, ethnicity, sex or any kind of discrimination of the society. We choose Thori Parsa, a small underdeveloped village in the mid-eastern lower part of Nepal to start our project with four kids. Since then we now have 30 children in Thori Parsa and 5 kids in Kathmandu enjoying their free education. We also expanded our project to Kathmandu, Nepal after the earthquake of 2015. Especially targeted to the earthquake victim and those who lost their parents in the historic devastating earthquake of Nepal. We encourage our generious donars to sponsor an earthquake victim child for their education through one of the most trusted and transparent organization of Nepal like MEI.

This year, 35 MEI scholars have passed their exam. Some of them topped the class. Every year with the beginning of the new schooling session, all 35 MEI scholars are thrilled to get their new school dress, new school books, new friends and new teachers.

Last year, MEI team actively participated during the devastating earthquake. MEI collected volunteers from all around the country. We were one of the first emergency relief team to reach some of the remote villages in Sindhupalchok and Dolakha. We distributed foods, clothes, medical supplies and much more. MEI successfully touched lives of 220 households in different villages. Villagers were beyond grateful for our work.

MEI also actively organized a three-day clean city campaign and anti-diseases spraying campaign in 2015 around the valley to the most affected areas from the earthquake. MEI team and volunteers took active participation in cleaning the city and spraying anti-diseases spray to resist the spreading of flu due to loss of lives of livestock in the earthquake.

MEI team and volunteers were very glad to be featured in Women magazine, Switzerland. Belgium newspaper also featured our work in 2015.


This year we hope to put more children in school especially the ones who have being displaced from earthquake. We have already added five earthquake victims back to school. Our goal is to help as many as possible. Also, this summer we will have three-month social entrepreneurship training for women. We will continue to send volunteers to train the villagers in first aid, importance of education, women empowerment and community development.


We are very excited for our team, volunteers and interns to make a huge impact in many lives this year. Of course none of this would be possible without the generous donors and supports from all around the world. We would like to thank our continuous supporters and generous donors for their kindness. Also, our volunteers and interns for taking their time out to make a difference in poorest part of Nepal. All the support and great work is being appreciated.


We would like to encourage everyone, no matter from where you are to take part in our cause, be part of children lives-create lifelong friendship. Travel the remote parts of Nepal, feel the majestic mountains and sound of nature this year in Nepal, make 2016 a year to remember. We are welcoming volunteers and interns for Summer Volunteer Programs for High School Teen | Student | Teachers  from all around the world this year to be part of life changing opportunity. As a conclusion “Review of sponsor a child in Nepal” project of MEI was successful for 2015.

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