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Why Should I sponsor a child – Does Child Sponsorship Really Works ?

Many sponsor and other ask does child sponsorship really works?

So, to make all the dilemma and confusion of sponsorship I’ve prepared an article with the picture of sponsored child and the changes as seen on him. Honestly, a sponsored child will have the feeling of their own guardians to their sponsors. And in some cases, some children even forget about their family members due to the attachment with their sponsors (an unknown person to whom sponsored child have never met but have only seen on photographs). 


A Sponsored child 1995-2005 ad

sponsor a child
A Sponsored Child Who Grew Up in an Orphanage

I (Hira Lama- Director of MEI) do remember my sponsor though I’ve never met him. He was from France and his name was Raphel Thomas as he was of my age still he sponsored me till my high school. If he had not given me the opportunity or have not sponsored me till my high school than I would never be able to do lots of things that I’m doing right now. I do still remember he used to send me a letter, gifts, cards, chocolates and in 1998 he send me the world cup hat and t-shirt from France but the funny thing was that the had was made in Nepal.

Hira Lama-1998 Photo by : Dr. Frederic Perrier (Founding Board Member of NAG)



But, more important is that we are running the free education project for the needy children as I was also brought off from NAG ( Home of New Hopes ) where we grew up and had beautiful childhood memories. As we have got the free education on one on one sponsorship so we are also transferring the free education to the needy children in the remote village called Thori. MEI works only in the remote places where there is extreme need of help and the villagers are prohibited from the access of many government facilities and all the villages depend upon the traditional agriculture as it used to be in Europe before 150 years back.

Here are some major points that are outlined on the question of Why Should I Sponsor A Child or Does Child Sponsorship Really Works?

– It’s affordable. For the cost of less than a coffee a day, If anyone who is truly willing to sponsor than it’s paying the bills of a cup of coffee per day.

– It brings big changes in the life of a sponsored child. Just with 1$ price every day, you are providing educational opportunities, food, clothing and stationery to a child.

– It doesn’t just impact your sponsored child with the child you are giving hope to her other family members. They can also have hope as one of their siblings will be educated and will have the good life in the future so the other remaining family member’s also will have more will power to work harder in life and as the result, they will also start to get success in life.

– Sponsors are not just giving money; you are giving hope to hopeless ones. The money makes a difference, but the sponsored child will have a feeling and will start to believe he/she is also special one; that at least there is someone in his/her life to take care of him/her and this psychology plays a vital role in child’s life.

-Sponsoring a child in the third world gives an opportunity to your children to see and experience the life of other children where there is a scarcity of lots of things as your child is getting right now or have never thought of it. So the child can do more good things in life and as he/she will have information more about life.

– I have seen the faces of our children when they receive a letter, card, photo or stickers from their sponsor family and they just brighten up.

– Many news and infographic show that the statistics of world poverty are daunting and with over a billion people living in appalling conditions, it’s difficult to see how we can make a difference. But every positive things and deed starts from the small and later it makes a big impact. So, as sponsorship also starts with the small help. By giving a new life, hope, and a born of a person who can make the changes to his/her family members or relatives and community.

Sponsor a Child, Now!


MEI in Thori and the glimpse of children how sponsorship has worked or made an impact on the life of needy children. In other words, this is the fine answer to Why I Should Sponsor A Child or Does Sponsorship Really Works? quest of many people who have not yet seem the impact of child sponsorship. Likewise, I’m also convinced that many child sponsorship projects have failed to provide the facilities to the sponsored child. Still, there are much nonprofit who are working actively in the field by helping and solving the problems of needy ones.



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