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MEI Scholars Start Going to School

Thanks to the sponsors and the Regional Operations Manager, Mr. Govinda Bista, four kids started going to school from the 18th of August, 2014, despite the drizzling the village experienced on that day. The children were also taken to the tailor’s for the measurements of their school uniforms. The rainy village of Thoree in Parsa is not in favour of our project there but we are going to back down. However, there’s bad news for Team MEI: the prices have been hiked for education and material goods.

We have negotiated as far as we can and admitted the scholars to Emmanuel English Academy, an English-medium school run by some Christian educators of Thoree. Among the three top schools, we (Govinda and I) chose Emmanuel because it is the only private school in Thoree that will upgrade to Grade 5 next year i.e. it will be able to run classes for students at the fifth standard. The scholars who have joined school successfully are:

  • Bishal Ghumbu Tamang
  • Binita Ghumbu Tamang
  • Anita Ghumbu Tamang
  • Puja Chepang

More success stories to follow. Stay tuned for updates on the kids. We still need to find sponsors for 30 more kids residing in Thoree that need to join schools asap.

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