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Traveling to Nepal | How to Travel Nepal?
Most of the travelers have a dream of traveling to Nepal once in their lifetime. So, as the many travel guide also quotes that “a man should see the 8 wonders in a lifetime- out of 8 Nepal is the one, where traveler should travel in their lifetime.

Where is Nepal or Nepal Map?
Nepal is located in the south-east Asian. Likewise, Nepal is located in between India and China; whereas Nepal is 12 times smaller than India and 22 times smaller than China. Nepal map lies 80 degrees 12′ east longitude and 26 degrees 22′ and 30 degrees 27′ north latitude. Nepal map

Nepal Travel Advisory says:

  • Nepal Travel -About Nepal
  • Nepal Travel Guide
  • How to travel Nepal
  • Nepal Travel Visa Click the link to visit Nepal online visa.
  • Best Time for traveling to Nepal

As Nepal travel advisory here is some hints you should know while traveling to Nepal, its cheaper in Nepal Tourism years. Still, Nepal is much cheaper to travel in comparison to other countries. Finally, Nepal government theme is ” travel to Nepal and leave the footprints and take the beautiful memories with visuals such as photos and videos”

Traveling to Nepal- Some Facts About Nepal,
Nepal is the home of majestic Mt. Everest, highest peak of the world and other remaining world’s tallest mountains like Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Lhotse Shar, Chouyu, Dhaulagiri 1 Manasulu also lies in Nepal. Nepal has fascinating factors as Mt. Everest is the tallest peak and Kali Gandaki (5,571) is the deepest gorge which both of these lies in Nepal. Nepal is a religiously rich in culture and tradition as Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religion in the country. Hindu’s greatest god Lord Shive had taken mokshya in the Himalayas of Nepal. Likewise, there is much myth about god and goddess in the famous places like Muktinath Temple, Pashupati temple. In the other hand, the father of peace Gautama Buddha was also born in Nepal’s Lumbini. So, world heritage sites like Boudha Stupa and Swayambu Nath stupa are the major places of Buddhism.

Nepal Travel guide
To make your travel more fruitful the most popular Nepal Tavel guide which all of the travelers loves are:
Trekking in Nepal- Many travelers travels to Nepal for trekking in Nepal’s Himalayan regions.
3 Most popular Trek in Nepal are:-

Everest Base Camp Trek:

Everest base camp trek route is the most popular trial among the trekkers and every year route receives almost 35000 trekkers in the route. This trek is approximately 12-13 days trek. Khumbu Valley and Kala Pathar is the most stunning spots which most of the travelers will view the purest form of natural habitats and scenic and panoramic view of authentic villages and beautiful monasteries.

Kala Pathar is known for the epic spot for viewing the panoramic view of the Everest in the close-up sites.

Annapurna Circuit Trek:

Annapurna Circuit Trek is known for the variety of scenery through the route as you begin from sub-tropical and through the beautiful rhododendron forest to alpine hills alike to Alpes of Europe. Finally semi-arid terrain. Phun Hill is also one of the best spots for a beautiful scenic view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri close up looks. Likewise, Thorungla Pass(5416m) is the highest point in the Annapurna circuit trek.

Best Time for traveling to Nepal
Nepal is broadly temperate, with four main seasons. When considering the best time for traveling to Nepal, it’s worth considering that the majority of visitors, who prioritizes mountain visibility, come in the autumn peak season (late Sept to late Nov), when the weather is clear and dry, and neither too cold in the high Himalayan nor too hot in the lower parts of Nepal. With the pollution and dust washed away by the monsoon rains, the mountains are at their most visible, this is the excellent time for trekking.

Winter (Dec & Jan) is mostly clear and stable. It doesn’t snow in Kathmandu, but morning time is around some time in minus degrees celcious– and in trekking areas, due to the fierce cold, most of the lodge are closed except very few with modern facilities like the heater and so on. This is an excellent time to visit the Terai, like go for Chitwan jungle safari, Koshi tapo sight views.

Spring (Feb to mid-April) is the second tourist season in Nepal, with its warmer weather and longer days. Rhododendrons are in bloom in the hills towards the end of this period, and as the Terai’s long grasses have been cut, spring is the best time to travel Nepal for viewing wildlife – despite the increasing heat.

The pre-monsoon (mid-April to early June) brings ever more stifling heat, afternoon clouds, rain showers – and more stomach upsets. In this season most of the travelers like to go for a trek in the high Himalayas. Trek high, where the temperatures are more tolerable.

PLaces and Cities to visit while traveling to Nepal for historical and beautiful scenery sight view
Kathmandu — Kathmandu city is the capital and cultural center of Nepal, with the world heritage site as Boudha Stupa, Swaymbha stupas, and Pashupatinath Temple
Bhaktapur —Bhaktapur is known for a well-preserved historical city, center of Nepali pottery making, with the world heritage sites like pachpana jhalay durbar, Naytapola, and Changunarayan temple.
Janakpur — a historical religious center of Hinduism and home to the 500-year old Janaki Temple. The wife of god ram and daughter of king janak, sita was also born in this place.
Namche Bazaar — A small hub for trekker with sherpa’s settlement located in the Solu Khumbu region.
Patan — Beautiful, historic Patan Durbar Square was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979
Pokhara —a hub for tourist with lake-side town fast becoming the destination of choice for travelers due to the scenery, adventure sports, dining, hotels & live music scene
Gorkha — Small town with the history of King Prithvi Narayan Shah the unifier of old Nepal. Gorkha is also synonyms to Bir Gorkhali (the brave Gorkhas) and the origination of current Nepal

Traveling to Nepal is fun and lifelong memories. For more details and help please feel free to mailto:

Please check out video before traveling to Nepal for your information.



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