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Volunteers, usually from abroad, become known as “aunties” and “uncles” or “sir” and “Miss” by the children. Their job is to help the children prepare for school, assist with their homework and spend the evenings with them in their nearby house and community. The volunteers are posted to either our Parsa School according to where there is a most need or our Jorpati, Nava Natya Academy ( School of dance and music) for the development of self-motivation and confidence.

To volunteer at our organization, it will cost you USD450 per month, to be paid on arrival. We require volunteers to commit to at least a one month stay. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit MEI.
To apply, please download, complete and return this form to us. To download the form, please click here.
Volunteers are expected to abide by the rules in the volunteer contract. A copy of the contract will be sent to you if your initial application has been successful.

How to become a volunteer?

The most important requirement to be a volunteer is that you love connecting with children. It is also important that you are willing to learn about Nepalese culture, as it is a poor country and it can sometimes be a major cultural adjustment.

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The information you need to know:

  • Cost: USD 450$ per month to be paid on arrival (this covers food and accommodation)
  • Airfares and transfers (taxi to and from the airport): you are required to fund your own way there.
  • Accommodation: there is a strong network of volunteers in Kathmandu. So if you want social time, there are many local guesthouses to choose from. If you want to spend all your time with the children, there is a room close to the MEI Office that is available.
  • Food: if you want to eat with the children, the MEI will provide meals for you; predominantly dahl baht, a Nepalese dish consisting of white rice, potato curry and lentils. Many volunteers like to purchase Western food or fruit and vegetables, which are not provided at the orphanage. We recommend that you put enough money aside for this option, and also ask that you don’t eat such food in front of the children.

To see what our past volunteers say about their experience, please visit our Testimonials Page.


For students wanting to intern with us, we highly encourage them to be familiar with the term social entrepreneurship. Social Entrepreneurs are innovators with realistic ideas and problem-solving solutions to society’s most crucial social problems. Social entrepreneurs ask a question such as “what can I innovative using the resources that are already here to benefit the community and improve the lives of people in a sustainable manner?”

Social entrepreneurs can be from any profession or field of study. Social entrepreneurs are individuals who can foresee the underlying problem in society. It is the individuals who can understand the connection between mother nature and our modern technology, combining both we believe we can bring the solution to any problem. Social entrepreneurs view the world in a different way, they see the glass as half full when other sees the same glass as half empty.

Students or anybody wanting to intern with MEI will work alongside MEI team and community members in the villages of Nepal. The team will find resources that can be of value to the society which can be used to create a new product or new service that can contribute meaningfully to the economic and social development of the community.

Any individuals wanting to intern with MEI has to have a mentality that can adapt to cultural changes. An individual need to have the patience to listen and value people from any background such as color, sex, race, gender, ethnicity, etc. He/she must have a mentality of service learning, a driving passion to make it happen most of all positive attitude backed by enthusiasm and smile.

To apply, please download, complete and return this form to us. To download the form, please click here

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